I just did a search

…honest, I did. I’m positive this was mentioned long ago, but I couldn’t find it. I brought a BW photo (png) into the app. It showed as inverted like an X-ray. So, I inverted the original photo and loaded it into the app and it shows in the correct format. In the thumbnail picture in the sidebar, the regular photo is there, but X-ray format on the laser bed. When the ‘X-ray’ photo shows on the sidebar, the correct photo shows on the bed. It has confused me and now I don’t know what to expect with an engrave. I’m wanting to try it out on Laser Tile.


I believe in a black and white image, black gets pew pew, white gets skipped. A grayscale image is different matter. Everything but white will get some pews, but depending on what mode the grays will be either farther apart dots, farther apart patterns or less power than black.


Thanks…I do understand that…but the part that’s confusing is why the photo shows up in the app as inverted…

edit*…OK, this is weird. I just redid the whole operation, so I could take screenshots of what I’m trying to explain…and everything is normal. Sorry for the false alarm! At least I don’t feel like I’m losing my mind.


One thing that can be confusing is the bitmap is pink in the UI. As a result, it looks “positive” on a white background, and “negative” on a black background.


Oooh…I get it! I knew there was a reason. Thank you!