I just got a Glowforge!

Any advice!? What materials are most used, what wood works best, easiest and simple beginner must try’s !? Any advice is appreciated :relaxed:


That’s a tough one. Every user seems to have their own favorite material depending on what you’d like to make. I use :proofgrade: draftboard the most because I do a lot of board game storage ideas.

As for projects, I’d search the forums (probably free files) to find something that looks fun for you.

Welcome and enjoy the addiction!


Be sure you do the “first prints”, as they are designed to test your machine and to display to you some of it’s capabilities so you can get familiar with them.


Literally everything in this will be interesting to you:

Welcome to the club, I can’t wait to see what you make :slight_smile:


Welcome aboard. I would start with the cheapest woods you can find. Home Depot sells thin hardboard that is dirt cheap. That way if you make any mistakes they aren’t going to be expensive mistakes.



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Welcome. My advice is to read the forum and use the search function. This has been an active source of Glowforge information for many years. Almost any question you may have, has already been answered here.

Do the three first prints. Read the manual. Have fun.


Welcome! You will love these forums. I have received so much good advice, even from reading other people’s posts and responses.

Favorite materials vary, depending on what I want to make. If I am making something that will be painted, I use draftboard (MDF) as it takes paint evenly without woodgrain. If I am going to stain it, I choose a plywood with nice woodgrain. Will the woodgrain interfere with the design, such as the grain showing prominently in someone’s face? All of that comes with experimentation and experience. Have fun and be sure to post photos of what you make (says the woman who has never posted a photo of a project).


Congratulations! May this be the start of a wonderful obsession.

First, what @dklgood said. Next, read all the posts under Made on Glowforge. You will get lots of ideas of what to use, how to use, why to use.

2nd, everyone who posts here teaches us something. Good, bad, funny, sad. I hope you thrive in this community.

Sorry, @celesteprobichaux , I meant this reply for @kenzierdrake

I don’t know if new owners get any discount on premium, but if they do, grab it and then decide if you want it. Otherwise you have to wait until they make a special offer or pay $50 a month.

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