I just remembered! rainbow machine air filter idea

I am so sorry we are in the process of getting ready to move and get our house on the market all at the same time. I completely forgot that I said I was going to post a picture.

I will post it tomorrow, I believe it should work adequately to capture all of the Forge’s output. :slight_smile:

I want to think about it a little more before I finish drawing it. so that it is able to be “adjusted” to get maximum benefit.

Again, I am sorry for the delay.

The idea is that the Rainbow Machine will suck the air in “faster” than the GF outputs(speed and volume)

so the open bucket allows for additional air to enter. I don’t know the airflow of the rainbow. but I do know that it sucks everything in, and runs it through a water bath so it would catch just about anything you can imagine.

the variable would be the actual gap between the GF output and the RAINBOW input.

If I had no window, this is what I would try first.