I keep getting the yellow light

Okay, so the first time I got the yellow light, I found out that the issue was the cable in the back of the left inside part of the machine. But I keep getting that yellow light every now and then and every time it’s that cable getting loose. Is this normal? Anybody else experiences this? I’ve been using my machine a lot but wanted to know if that cable gets loose because of the amount of usage. Thanks!

No, that’s not normal. Can you take a few closeup shots of the connector there to show Support? I’m wondering if it’s not fully seated?

(Don’t try to reseat it, especially not with the machine plugged in, just take the photos…they’ll tell you if they can see anything.)


Thanks! I’ll take the photos. Should I go ahead and creat the ticket on here?

If you haven’t sent an email to Support yet, you can either do that, or create a New thread in the Problems and Support section. Either one of those will open a ticket for you, and you can send the photos of the connector with the email, or post it in that thread, and it will speed things up a lot for you.


Thank you! Will do that. Was wondering so I’m glad I asked. Thanks again!

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So I changed the location of this post to the “Problems and Support” section. Hopefully I can open up the ticket because the problem is persisting and it is very annoying. I will post the pictures of the connector soon. Thanks again!

Eventually yes, but only New Threads send an automatic notice to the Support staff and open a ticket. (You can copy your original text, and paste it into the new thread, but shifting it there doesn’t notify them. We’ve tried in the past. No go.)

I’ll let you shift this one back out…you can start a new one in Problems and Support, and put your pictures in the new thread. Fastest way.


Got it! I didn’t know, good to know it doesn’t work that way and that others have tried. I will create a new thread then. Thanks again!

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