I know everyone's upset

But i will be drinking the salty tears of Richmond Tiger’s supporters this Saturday!

Go you Mighty Crows!


Only last week, I saw my first video clip of Aussie football.
As a Brit, whose youth was spent playing rugby, I’m just staggered at their ball handling skills, but am I right that anything goes except wrestling ?

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Pretty much… Footy is the first sport I’ve seen in which if there’s blood drawn, the injured guy is ejected. :dizzy_face:


I think this is what gets respect for the AFL (Australian Rules Football) more than anything else. The sheer size of the ground, the speed at which it is played and the pinpoint accuracy with which the ball can be moved from one end to another and thence to score.
Punch ups are unfortunately very common still, especially with some teams sniff

Well here is a ‘greatest hits’ from 2015 but each year you can find pretty-much the same.
To the AFL’s credit they are really making it a lot safer, but it is quite common to have a concussion, dislocated shoulder etc. In the old days it used to be “get back on the field” but now it is illegal to send a concussed player back on the field.

Turn the sound off because the music is irritating

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Ha ha, ‘the blood rule’ - came in post-HIV to protect players from potential infection.

Smear a bit of hemorrhoid cream on it, chuck on a quick bandage/stitches if necessary and back out you go!

OMG, those body slams are in a class of their own.

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Yeah the USA team was just over here to play in the AFL International Cup.

The rules for that are simple… Natives only, no Aussies are allowed in the teams.
Ireland won the Women’s Comp
Papua New Guinea won the Men’s

My cousin plays for a Norwegian team in their National Competition as one of their 2 allowed ‘imports’.

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