I Like to Make Stuff: Arduino controlled dust collection system

@iliketomakestuff has figured out how to incorporate a Glowforge into his work flow. Just a super demonstration of his tool set. Nice shoutout in Make Magazine.


What a great project!

I’m still torn if I should build a central dust dust collection system or keep doing what I’ve been doing, which is to roll the duct collector to the machine, connect it and begin cutting. So far this simple approach has worked well for me, but I can see if I start doing more production type work in the wood shop this central system would be a big time saver. If I’m going to go to the trouble to build a central duct collection system, I should also include this type of automation.

Thanks for sharing. I really should subscribe to @iliketomakestuff channel.

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Just one nit to pick: if you’re working with lots of dust, which also means lots of static, acrylic might not be the best material :wink:

It is a great channel…I’ve watched it for years.
I’m with you on the central dust collection system. Right now, I just wheel the DC to the tool, hook it up and move on. Seems to work fine.


In the video, he shows how he grounded the entire system into his house ground wire.


I love his channel, but grounding the pipes the way he did was wrong: pvc in non-conductive, so if you want to get some static dissipated you would wrap the non-insulated wire around the pipe along all of it’s length, from machine to dust collector.

regardless, that would not affect the acrylic arduino box. even with a dust collection, a maker’s space is dusty, and the box will get dirty. too bad! as long as it keeps the dust from getting inside…

fun fact: been lurking here for years now, this is my first post