I love felt . 18th project

Felt is becoming one of my favorites to cut in the Glowforge. So many cool things can be made. Another example here. Hope you like it.

All your comments are appreciated


Clever design!


I like that - you can fold it flat for storage too! :grinning:


Love the color… Very nice.

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Wow. Even the edges look nice and clean. I’m assuming you did not use a masking? Where do you purchase your felt? I’ve been looking around and have found a few places, but all of the prices are pretty high or the quality seems suspect. I almost purchased from the felt store the other day, but just wasn’t sure about quality, prices, etc…


Thanks . In general felt is a little bit expensive but gives great results. Please see this post for settings and where to get it. Thanks

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So I went to that shop, but didn’t see a way to isolate the nice thick stuff. There are so many felts on there, I sort of got overwhelmed.

I’m looking forward to playing with felt in the GF so it’s great to seee what you are already doing with it. Thanks for sharing!

So that’s only 1mm thick felt wool? wow looks great. funtional!

It is 3mm