I love my Glowforge

Recently I have read a few posts from angry bitter customers. I understand frustration when a product doesn’t work, especially one that you have spent a lot of money on. I understand the frustrations when communication is delayed or lacking, but I have been blown away by the quality, capabilities and community of users associated with :glowforge: I have had stellar customer service when I’ve had issues.

So many of the issues and complaints I’ve seen are the results of the “lack” of patience, unwillingness to search the database for answers or the learning curve of something new.

If you are one of those not feeling the love, I mean no disrespect and highly encourage you to just take a deep breath and be patient. I’m new to all of this but am more than willing to help or just listen to your frustrations. If I don’t have an answer, I will help you find one.
This is a wonderful machine that can give you years of enjoyment as a hobby or a nice income as a business.

To wrap up my thoughts, I just read this article and wanted to share it with everyone.https://makerhacks.com/glowforge-long-term-review/


Very well stated, and I agree 100%. I know there are some additional issues right now that are pandemic related, since supply chains are disrupted all over the world, and folks are just going to have to bear with it. Shouting doesn’t do anything except raise your blood pressure, and the blood pressure of the people trying to help who do not deserve to be yelled at.


Join the club of people that LOVE their Glowforge! :heart_eyes: :glowforge:


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