I love snap marks

I have to say I was one of those that complained about not having snap marks, and so I was so excited to get an email that I was a beta tester. I love the snap marks, PLEASE DON’T TAKE THEM AWAY!
It is such a time and material saver. I hope it won’t be long before it’s a permanent part of the GF interface.

I was able to make this dice jig with the snap marks, which works perfectly. Prior to this version, I had made my own jig, which sort of worked, but it wasn’t 100% and I wasted a lot of materials. I’m looking forward to trying many other designs with the snap mark jig, that I that I was avoiding, because I didn’t want to play the line it up guessing game.

Thank you, Amy


I hope they release them to the masses. I was a bit bummed when I got my GF in December and noticed that I don’t have SMs :frowning:

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Glad you got them and are utilizing! Wish I had it… Still waiting on getting them on an active machine.

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What material did you use? Is that black foam core?

We were one of the lucky ones granted access to snapmark. Until our malfunctioning camera forced us to return our machine for repairs. (if the camera can’t focus, it also can’t read snapmarks.) We got a replacement machine and lost the snapmark access. Reached out to customer service and was told the engineering team will try and fix our access but there is no telling when that will be. yay.

I used the foam flooring from Harbor Freight. I double stacked to equal approximately the same size as the dice. Here in Florida, it’s on sale until the of January (19’) which makes it affordable to use for templates and it cuts so much easier and cleaner than wood.

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