I"m in need of a Glowforge workshop

Hi Fellow Glowforgers,

I’m located in Los Angeles and the proud owner of both the standard and pro Glowforge laser wonders. Although I’ve printed quite a few things from the catalog and items imported from Thingaverse, I’m still a total newbie and often are at odds with the output of my prints. I wish (hint hint) there was a Glowforge University; a day or two course on the ins and outs of our machines and programs like Illustrator, Inkscape, Sketchup and the like. I"m constantly having trouble having the machine read cut from engrave lines. If there’s anyone out there, especially in Southern California that’s able to give me such a hands on course please respond. I don’t expect anyone to give me there pearls of wisdom for free.

Thanks in advance,



It exists and requires no travel!
YouTube and the matrix here on the forums will get you everything short of literal hand holding.


I am certainly not suggesting that this is the whole and complete answer; but this takes you to the collection of tutorials that have been developed by this community.

The GFUI (pronounced in my head Guh-fooey) doesn’t automatically know whether you want to cut, score, or engrave. Filled shapes are generally interpreted as engraves, while lines are generally interpreted as cuts. But all can be interchanged in the GFUI.
(see, you did it, huh?)

I’m not in California, so I am not your teacher. Alas. (really, even if I was there, I’d be a horrible teacher.)

I hope you get what you need.


Thanks for that… Now also in mine.


Thanks for the help, I’ll avail myself of the matrix and some You Tubing on the design programs. I appreciate it!


Thanks for posting the linky, I need to bookmark it for when I get here first.


If you are in Los Angeles, you can use your library card to access Lynda.com online learning resource. It is amazing. Log in with your library card (instantly accessible just by walking in to any library and filling out a short form) https://www.lynda.com/portal/sip?org=lapl.org


I’m attempting a mind meld… not responsible for other weird info…(often usless!):sunglasses:


That’s an excellent reminder! I’ve advocated for the Lynda.com tutorials through the library a number of times–I do think it is one of the best ways to get in-depth training on many graphics applications. They even have training versions specific to the version of the app that you have if it’s a major one (like Illustrator). My only problem with it is that I inevitably start to nod off after a couple sessions (not the fault of the training–it’s any computer training that does this to me).


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