I’m stuck like glue

What’s the best /strongest glue . Have searched the post but haven’t really came up with what everybody uses. Made a 4 pack beer caddy that needs glued. Any help would be appreciated . Thanks. And have a great day.

It really depends on the materials, I just use wood glue for most things. I’ve seen lots of people using e6000 too.


These came up in a post awhile back and I got some.
After some usage, I threw away my ‘dated’ stuff, because I knew I was never going to reach for those again.

disclaimer: CA is not for everything (just mostly everything). A handy chart link for bonding different materials is on the bottom of this comment. I have it mounted on the wall behind the machine.


Depends on what you’re trying to bond. There’s no one best glue for every material. Some that work great for one application should be avoided (or would be useless) for others.

If your caddy is made from wood, which some are, then wood glue is the most appropriate choice.

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agree with eflguy. will add that with wood glue, less is more in most cases.

I’m going to add unfinished wood. If it’s something with a surface finish like proofgrade, wood glue won’t work.

I use E6000 for a lot of things because it’s weatherproof and flexible when dry, but it’s kind of a pain to apply.

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Good point. The surface of PG materials has a finish coat. The cut edges, however, are exposed so you can use glue to secure, for example, finger joints with a nice fit, but it won’t bond the finished surface to a cut edge.

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I’ve started using Rhino Glue, it dries clear, sets almost instantly like a CA but doesn’t have that white haze. I’ve fund that it can easily bond to the PG finished surfaces. I saw it mentioned by someone on here and decided to give it a try. For unfinished wood, wood glue is my go to


Rhino glue (and gel, they have 6 products) is CA.

Consult their SDS if you’re unsure. It causes the same crazing on acrylic as any other CA.

CA is awesome for holding wood parts while wood glue cures, but its bond is far weaker. For parts with a nice fit, it can be strong enough.

From their SDS “General chemical description: Cyanoacrylate Adhesive”… and here I was thinking it was some magical unicorn glue or something :grinning: Thanks for pointing to the SDS!


Hey, it’s good quality (and they use that in their marketing) - not all CA is equal, especially the stuff you buy in “hobby stores”. Most of that is excess industrial stuff that’s been sitting around, bought in bulk. Fresh, purpose-made CA lasts and works much better, but is also more expensive.

It is good glue, what I’ve noticed is that you don’t get so much of that white hazing like with other CA’s ? To your point perhaps because it’s fresher…

My favorite so far is clear Gorilla glue.

This guy on youtube tests various adhesivs and epoxies. Might be able to find what you are looking for there or at least what kind of glue you might need.


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