I made a copy of a physical object



Just wanted to share a quick, simple thing that really drove home how powerful a glowforge can be.

My wife and I were working late on some Halloween costume pieces and she had a pattern for an arm band that a friend had made (not pictured, because it is at said friend’s house). While I was waiting for her to give me something else to do, she said something like “here see what magic you can do with this.” So I did a thing:

  1. I took the pattern (white piece of paper below) and put it on a piece of cardboard. Then used the Glowforge Trace feature to trace it in as a design.
  2. Then I did a test-cut on the same piece of cardboard.
  3. Then I put some leather in and cut it out of leather.
  4. Suddenly I had basically an exact copy of a thing that someone else had made.

Anyway I spent maybe 10-15 minutes on it all-told, and didn’t open illustrator or anything. It really felt like I was using a copy machine.

Right to left: pattern, cardboard test, leather print:

The un-stained finished piece:


Holy smokes!


I should say - it looks a bit rough because I seriously rushed through it. If I would’ve spent any time on it at all I could’ve gotten it cleaner. I was literally standing over an open glowforge doing it.


Sweeeet! :grinning:


Is it an optical illusion or are they getting smaller from right to left?


A popular optical illusion with arcs.

Number 11 on the list here




Apparently, today I am not… :slight_smile:


Great example of the trace innovation - that will figure prominently in my workflow!
Trace really broadens the possible application of the laser.
Thanks for amping me up!


I’m stoked to try it without the hand-tracing step – putting the object itself in the GF! Won’t always be feasible (contrast, complexity, etc.), but would really reinforce the copy machine ease of use.


Yes! It will be fun exploring limits of the ability. I expect more pleasant surprises than disappointments.


@brianfioca so cool!


Really Cool!