I Made a Game Card Holding Box



Played Mechs vs. Minions last weekend and the game was fun. There were many chips, dice, cards and other pieces and mini-figures. The cards were unruly, so I decided to do something about that…I made a thing. I’m in awe that this actually worked.


Looks great! :grinning:


Oh no! What have you done! Once you start down the dark road of box joint / tab-and-slot organizers there is no turning back. Get out while you can. :scream: 10 months in an there is no hope for me. I am cutting magazine boxes for myself tonight just as @Jules predicted I would when I showed the one I made on commission.


I think I know what you speak of…my mind is racing with potential projects. :thinking:


Looks great! and Mechs vs Minions is awesome! Haven’t felt the need for an organizer there yet but we are only three envelopes in. Guessing we’ll need one sooner or later.

Mansions of Madness on the other hand…needs a good solution in my house. Oh boy…


good job on not forgetting the finger-slots to get the cards out!


Thanks. I was inspired by a friend.


that! and I also need one for Betrayal at the House on the Hill…


That looks great!
I’m just starting to try this type of box and am struggling with the best way to create the interlocking sides.
What software did you use to create your work of art?
Would you share your svg?

Any guidance is appreciated!


Hey. Sorry for the late response, I kept forgetting when I was at home and remembering when I was at work, so I wrote a note on my arm today! Haha.

Here is the online site I used to make the initial box with finger tabs [https://makeabox.io/]. I used this website as a starting point and then modified the downloaded PDF in Adobe Illustrator. Once in Illustrator, I took out the finger tabs on the top edge of the box since it doesn’t have a sixth side or a lid. Here is where I added the space to the bottom and front-side of the box, as well as the center divider.

I hope this helps.