I made a house!


I do not think of myself as a 3D design-mind at all (because I am not) so I am pretty thrilled to have made this house for my dad’s Christmas present (unexpected December laser delivery = total gift plan upheaval). The workflow here was photo > sketchbook drawing > scan, vector drawing, flat ornament > “hey, I wonder if I can make this into an actual house” > hours drawing bricks instead of baking Christmas cookies > cussing about roof angles > house. Having a laser is so cool. :sunglasses:


Love the depth of the overhangs and porch!

Now… are you going to paint it? (just kidding :joy:)


Excellent job!


Came out really nice!
The laser is the coolest tool I have by far.


Thanks – the depth is my favorite part!


Wow! So brick laying can be fun! This is really an amazing project!


The hours you spent drawing bricks clearly paid off! :slight_smile:


Cool technique - love the hand- drawn look! :grinning:


Amazing depth! It invokes a 3d vision in 2d. Great Job!