I made a maze designer application

I made a maze designer application to create mazes on my glowforge. It’s a tool that generates SVG blueprints for toy mazes that you can cut out with a laser cutter. Link below and in the video description.

demo: https://youtu.be/4fWBe2R-6Nw

app: https://adashrod.github.io/LaserCutMazes

Any feedback is appreciated.


Can’t wait to play with it, thanks for sharing it! :grinning:


Thank you! This is on my immediate to-do list! Would like to cap one with acrylic.


WOW. That is amazing.

So it’s so weird that you decided to post this today of all days. I was thinking just 1.5 hours ago about making a labrynth box. Thanks. Now please exit my brain! :slight_smile:


@adashrod Absolutely Amazing, I am in awe of your “Mad Skillz”

Thanks! :wink:

This is fantastic! Soo much potential with this!! Arrgh! My brain itchez! (In a good way!)

Thank you for sharing your skillz with the community!

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Great, another project that gets moved to the top my list! Awesome!

Thank you

Thank you so much! I’ve been wanting to make one of these!!!

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Oh! I just thought of a great use for this - put a picture of the guest of honor as the destination for the marble, and use this as a party favor. (Years ago I made tiny party favors along the same line for a baby shower, using tiny metal tins with a clear top. Just punched a hole in the center of the mom’s face for the destination spot, lol.)

Gimp has a great maze application that is automatic…

I even made a virtual maze with it


Didn’t know that was available. Nice. :slightly_smiling_face:

From even before Puff had arrived.

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Matthias Wandel might enjoy this for his mouse/shrew project :wink: