I made a maze designer application


I made a maze designer application to create mazes on my glowforge. It’s a tool that generates SVG blueprints for toy mazes that you can cut out with a laser cutter. Link below and in the video description.

demo: https://youtu.be/4fWBe2R-6Nw

app: https://adashrod.github.io/LaserCutMazes

Any feedback is appreciated.


Can’t wait to play with it, thanks for sharing it! :grinning:


Thank you! This is on my immediate to-do list! Would like to cap one with acrylic.


WOW. That is amazing.


So it’s so weird that you decided to post this today of all days. I was thinking just 1.5 hours ago about making a labrynth box. Thanks. Now please exit my brain! :slight_smile:


@adashrod Absolutely Amazing, I am in awe of your “Mad Skillz”

Thanks! :wink:


This is fantastic! Soo much potential with this!! Arrgh! My brain itchez! (In a good way!)

Thank you for sharing your skillz with the community!


Great, another project that gets moved to the top my list! Awesome!


Thank you


Thank you so much! I’ve been wanting to make one of these!!!


Oh! I just thought of a great use for this - put a picture of the guest of honor as the destination for the marble, and use this as a party favor. (Years ago I made tiny party favors along the same line for a baby shower, using tiny metal tins with a clear top. Just punched a hole in the center of the mom’s face for the destination spot, lol.)


Gimp has a great maze application that is automatic…

I even made a virtual maze with it


Didn’t know that was available. Nice. :slightly_smiling_face:


From even before Puff had arrived.


Matthias Wandel might enjoy this for his mouse/shrew project :wink: