I made a thing... trim ring

Yup, like the title says. I made a thing.

I was bored, and I wanted to see the difference between draft and HD score… yeah, big difference. :slight_smile:



I’ve still never made one :stuck_out_tongue:
So what’s the difference? Is part of that draft and part HD or…


Processing time and depth. I typically use the draft score setting for most of my projects, but always wondered about the HD setting. Turns out that it’s really slow, but the lines are super crisp, with nice details.

I’ve since decided on a bunch of applications where I will be using it. :slightly_smiling_face:


Interesting. I’ve used HD, and draft - and then made myself a setting that’s even lower power than draft because while I want the nice crisp lines on the surface I don’t want them to go deep at all!

The keychain I made way back when when a pre-production unit showed up at a Maker Fair eventually broke along a score line and I could see that it went almost 3/4 of the way through the material. I want my score lines to be dark but barely kiss beneath the first layer :slight_smile:


Sorry to disappoint, but I can’t tell the difference, even in the full-size photo. Maybe it’s something that just jumps out at you in real life but is really hard to photograph?

You’re not alone. I have no idea what’s supposed to be HD and what’s supposed to be draft. All looks the same to me.

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That’s exactly what I’ve experienced with this piece. The scoring goes about half-way through the material, making it extremely delicate. You can bend it with very little resistance.

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It’s all HD. I’d never used it before this and I just wanted to see the difference.


Oh, ok. Do you happen to have a piece with Draft Score on it for comparison? I want to train my brain to keep a visual library on hand about how people experiment with materials, settings, etc.

Aha; I can see using this to allow curves w/out living hinges. You could keep the outside skin unbroken but allow the surface to curve.

Can’t wait to get my replacement GF, I’m going through withdrawal here!

:slightly_smiling_face: you’ve just described kerf bending.

I actually posted a complaint that they switched the default score to Draft a while back, as it used to be HD. Many of my designs have a score on them, and I find HD is leagues better. Here’s a good example of the difference:


Fun, to experiment and have the result be useful.

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I never made one … but yours is one of my favorites.

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