I made an arcade stick without a laser while I wait for my Glowforge



I can only imagine I’ll be able to make a much better one of these with my Glowforge. March can’t come soon enough. Until then, free cardboard from the post office, tape, and cheap chinese parts.


That is incredibly cool! :grinning:


See, boxes are the worlds best toy :grinning:


LOL, more cheap Chinese stuff…:grinning: - Rich


Cool! Arcade stick is on my list of thing to make as soon as I get my GF! How are you liking the “cheap chinese” stuff? You think it’s worth getting that or springing for some “quality”?




I think for just starting out, the cheap stuff works really well. It’s almost definitely a knockoff sanwa stick and buttons, but they function pretty damn well, especially for the money.


Nice, I’m no arcade connoisseur so I will definitely buy cheap to start out!


if you want it to really replicate the arcade experience, remember to pour a coke over the buttons for that perfectly sticky and failure-prone feel.


I’m pretty sure that will happen organically :grin: