I made my first thing

I made a thing, this is the first thing I’ve made on my glowforge (well any laser cutter for that matter); I skipped the tutorial measuring keychain thing…

anyways I decided that I wanted to make a box to keep my medications in because when I open my medicine cabinet they all fall out. The design too a bit of time but I think I got it right on my first try


Congratulations on your first project. Looks great and I am sure will be very useful. Welcome to the forum too. :blush:


Hey, that’s a pretty good first project, sectioned boxes like that take a fair amount of skills to pull off. You’re off to a good start.

Baltic birch, looks like?


That usually ends in gnashing of teeth and rending of clothes but it looks like you survived the skip very well.
I make soooo many boxed and almost always forget to put something on the outside to show its use. Yours is one more “hey mark, put something on the outside”.


Nice. How did you design the box? I user the festi box creator and the Inkscape one most.


I can’t figure out Inkscape at all

I did Box-o-matic


That’s a great first project!


Tutorials will help get you over the hump, the fundamentals come quick. :+1:
Besides buying this machine, learning vector design is the best investment you can make. It will pay you back quickly and continuously! :sunglasses:

Nothing wrong with a generator at all.

I almost never manually make boxes in inkscape, but instead use a generator to make the box, and then embellish it in inkscape (adding text, inlays, etc).

There’s no reason to remake all boxes from scratch, if it’s a pretty simple structure just use a generator and save yourself the headache! @PrintToLaser is 100% correct though, investing in learning a vector editor will pay you back a hundred times over.

Congrats on your project! Looks great! Welcome to the Community!