I made these DND dice boxes with a space for my character journals

I made these dice boxes specifically to hold a few key items. My dnd field notes books, spell cards, and two sets of dice. I also added an acrylic sheet for handy NEXT SESSION notes that is a dry-erase board. It tracks my spell slots, HP, class features, and next session plans. I’m super happy with how it turned out. If you want to see how I made these, check out the video here -


To answer the question that I had (TL;DW :wink: ), the boxes themselves are CNCed.

I always wanted to make one of these with a miniature space, dice space, pen, and PHB/papers. Kind of a “go bag” for games that I am a player (not DM) in. I always stalled out on it. Good on you for seeing it through!


Very cool!!


I really like the design of this. I am a sucker for a good faux book and the clear inlay piece is a great touch.


Striking finishes!

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What a cool and unique design!

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