I made these with a laserrrr


Shooby doo wap and scooby snacks. I made some things with my laserrrrrrrrr.

Spraypainted draft board

Finished LuLaRoe Sign made from screams of alignment frustration

Anniversary Thingy made from paper


ALL of them…lovely and wonderful. Isn’t it just so much fun?!


Oh my gosh. You’re tremendously talented. Wonderful work!


Heyyy another night owl!


Some great stuff here. That Lularoe sign is awesome–I’ll bet she was very pleased with it!


Wow, you made awesome things with your laserrrrrr!!


I love all of them! That LulaRoe sign is very interesting. What is it made from? Painted draftboard again?


It’s all acrylic. Finding all the different colors was a PITA. Keeping the mirror black finish clean was a PITA. Aligning all the tiny letters and then bonding them… PITA. Would not do again for less than $500.


I thought it looked shiny like acrylic.
I have a few projects like that. One of them last year, I would not do again for under $1600…I charged 1/5 of that, but had never built anything like it, so I had no idea when I was estimating. (non-laser project)


Very cool!


Excellent!!! Wonderful projects! Nice to see people utilizing so many different materials.


Great projects! :grinning:


That’s beautiful. well done. i was looking forward to making christmas gifts but sadly GF decided im not an important GF pro customer and pushed my delivery date until next year again. So in the meantime i get by by seeing the amazing work such as this. …yes im green with envy, and yes im seriously impressed with your work.