I may not be geting a fiber laser, but

Well, the wan indicator just came on!



Bring it.



what on earth are you connected to that doesnt bottle neck that?
I pull around 70Mbps and thats cause my router maxes out.

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I wish I could post on this with a test result however our connections exceed what can bee tested

Welcome to England.:cry:

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I nearly choked. I can get a good 150/70 out of my Comcast cable line. Nothing like that.


Either directly connected to the optical switch/modem, or you build a machine just for routing and firewall with pfsense, smoothwall or something similar. There are comercial routers that can handle that amount of bandwidth but are more expensive.


Meanwhile in the US, some folks are still waiting for Western Union to hook up a telegraph.



Had google fiber installed earlier this summer. Unmetered symmetric gigabit connection for $70mo.

I’m connected to the internet through a home built firewall box with an internal and external gig port.

It. Is. Awesome. :sunglasses:



It’s an OPNSense box I built, with an intel 4 port server grade gig card. Cat6a copper all the way from the desktop > firewall > Google Fiber jack with no bottleneck.

How the heck do you get that out of Comcast? I’m residential in the west suburban Chicago area and get 30/6.

Yep… for longest time I got stuck with 256k…I was the first on the fiber tap…now I’m down to 2 miles of copper and actually can get 9megs download…dsl. Comcast refuses to come out here :(. Upload speed sucks.

That is fantastic. We’re pulling fiber to our main campus sometime soon, and aside from not having to deal with Comcast - I am thoroughly looking forward to our big pipe. (Sure as heck wish I could get it at home and for the same amount as 30mbps!)

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Running Mediacom pretty much the only game in town here but not too bad. Would love another choice so prices may go down here.

Just to share the other end of the spectrum…

Best DSL we can get in my part of the mountains here in New Mexico.


We’ll have 1000/100 included in the installation fees for one year after that we can chose what ever we want from a bunch of ISPs. 1000/1000 would cost me about $64/month, 1000/100, $58/month, but I think we’ll settle for 100/100 which would be about $33/month. [edit: all unmetered ofc]
In any case it will be quite the boost coming from dsl 24/[something low] for $44/month. (Measured about 10/1 a couple of weeks ago.)

But I understand that we are rather spoiled compared to many other countries, and I didn’t mean for this thread to be for bragging - but I had to let the good news out some where :smiley: .


I believe it’s the Blast Plus? It’s like 82$ a month but I don’t I have cable tv or a home phone line so I spend on the internet access instead.

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That’s pretty typical of what I get here in rural New Hampshire. If I need to download something big, I’ll usually bring my notebook PC into the office where we have something like 60 Mbps which, by comparison, seems pretty darn fast.

And you are lucky… till we got the fiber tap 2 miles away I was on 4 miles of copper…DSL doesn’t like that…256k with a 900ms ping. I would guess you have a 2.5 to 3 mile cu run to CO or fiber tap?
People complaining about comcast…pfff… better than our lousy 2 to 8 mbits…for 50+ bucks a month.