I must make this now


That’s an inspired build! The videos clips really show it off.


Excellent build. 210 LEDs, in case anyone is wondering. Max draw is about 13 amps at 5v.

In no way am I doing that thing where I’m telling an OP how to improve his or her project, I think that’s the rudest of forum violations… however! If anyone is considering this build take a close look at 12v led strips, they will free your hand when it comes to wiring layouts and color fidelity due to voltage drop.


What would you buy? They all look the same on Amazon to this neanderthal.

I’ve been out of it for a while but I like the ws2812b strips because they only need three wires. The pwm frequency is a bit low though so you might want to look at other chipsets.

Here’s one example: https://www.amazon.com/BTF-LIGHTING-Addressable-Flexible-Silicone-Waterproof/dp/B01CNL6LLA

For this rabbit hole I’d suggest spending some time on the fastLED forums. Gotta warn you, it’s deep.

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That is amazeballs! I wanna, but I know I’m not gonna.

Here we go, the sk6812 looks promising for the faster pwm.

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Cool! Not enough faster for persistence of vision, as the article says, but enough faster that you won’t get an annoying blinky effect if it moves at all.

For really fast, the APA102 seems to be standard, but it’s definitely pricier.

Most (all?) POV-ready strips require a clock signal, and so are more complicated/bulky to wire up, they need 4 wires instead of three. Maybe not a problem depending on your design, in this case, there are 30 edges in a dodecahedron, so you’re looking at about 60 more solder points for the project. Not a deal breaker necessarily, just something to keep in mind.


The only thing I’ve ever soldered was my electric toothbrush. I really should learn how to do it.
There are a few 4 wire kits on amazon with the little snap connections that might work for the faint of heart like me, but I imagine they’re probably analog LEDs and I’d probably have to scale up the design considerably to make room for all those connection splits. Probably should just buy a big spool of LEDs and make some soldering mistakes. Learn the old fashioned way.


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