I need a thin, flexible, cut-able material

I am making intricate cut wood and acrylic ornaments, but I need to be able to mail some to people that won’t break, so I am looking for material suggestions for something that is thin and cuts well.
Leather is a pain and smells bad, cardstock is just too thin to stand up to being hung on a tree, I want something that is kind of plastic like… but that won’t curl and can maybe hold paint or glitter spray.
Any and all suggestions appreciated!

I will post a pic of said ornament in the comments, but if you are easily offended by languange, please don’t look too close! :smiley:

Here is what I’m cutting… if you are easily offended please don’t look too close! LOLThis text will be blurred

Unfortunately, that’s not how the rules on the forum work.

You’ll need to put that image behind a spoiler, it’s easy, select the text and then click the gear thing and select spoiler.

Like this.

Alternately, you can manually type [spoiler] in front of your image and [/spoiler] after.

If you don’t you’ll probably get flagged, which isn’t a fun feeling. This ornament and ones like it have been posted and discussed, and generally the consensus was that they need to be censored.

As for the flexible thin materials, they’re hard to come by, and have tradeoffs. You can look at johnson plastics if you like.

My solution would be to just pack them in a box, USPS flat rate boxes are free, just ask for them on usps.com and they’ll send them to you. Fragility in your ornaments is a feature, not a bug; if the client breaks one they’ll maybe order another down the line. :slight_smile:
Just put them in a rigid box, and you’re all set.

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U could also cut out cardboard the same shape to pack it.