I_need_help. Are you up for a side hustle? 1-2hrs/week

Forum Friends, I know, I know… it’s not the “maker way”… but I am ready to hire support. There, I said it. I_need_help.


Like many/all of you, I’ve got a lot of ideas of things I’d like to make on my GF Pro. I have dated Illustrator skills, so as much as I love trying to remember, and figure everything out myself, I have to admit that my process is not yielding enough product. I also have six kids, which doesn’t help my productivity. :slight_smile:

I am seeking to work one on one with someone who can do what will be VERY SIMPLE tasks to many of you.
For example:
– I provide a 1" .ai logo and you lay up for maximum #s to print onto proof grade material.
– I provide a graphic that you cut into pieces so I may print on different color acrylic and then glue together.
– I provide a photo that you advise on how to print onto leather.

I am guessing 1-2hrs/week. Illustrator and GF experience needed. I can’t pay too much, but project fees probably make the most sense, so we could take that one by one.

Again, simple. Just a little time. (refer back to the six kids)
And, if you have six or more kids, do not reply!

If you’re interested, please give me a way to contact you.
Thanks in advance!

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Fiverr can be a good option for you to cast the net a bit wider


Thank you. I see at least 8 ppl there who list Glowforge as a skillset. I just really want that special someone who “gets it”. Appreciate the idea.

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