I need help for alignment. I have snap mark. Wedding project

I need help with alignment. I am making 90 coasters for my brothers wedding that is in 2 weeks. I have the file and did draft board and it messed up some of the coasters. I have snap marks on my machine, but can’t make a jig as I am using full sheets of proofgrade. I have attatched the file. Can someone help me figure out adding snap marks. Would I score the marks on each sheet ignoring everything else and then print as I want? I am using affinity designer and finally figured out how to export correctly thanks to the forum.


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are the coasters double sided? sorry I’m just not sure what you need a jig/alignment for

no they are not. I just need all 15 to print correctly and it’s having issues. So I need to know how to use with snap marks

for snapmarks to work you need them on your jig material (scored or printed) and in your file.

Im not sure you actually need them but the tutorial is pretty good. They should fit in the corner areas on your sheet

If there isn’t room in the corners, the snapmarks might still work if placed in the voids between the circles. I haven’t tried this so I’m not certain. Does anybody know if the Snapmarks have to be outside all the content?

Yea thats what I ment by the corners, your description is much better lol.

They don’t need to be outside everything; ive used them inside cuts when doing printed pieces. The farther apart the better though


And by the way, the best tutorial for working with Snapmarks is this one:

They don’t.

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What kind of issues?

Just the coaster part of that file loads as 23.5" x 14" for me…are you using it with the Passthrough?

If any of the coaster are outside the printable area, that may be your problem–this area varies between basic and pro models–you need a margin, and can’t print to the full edge of the full sheet. Recommend going to 4x3 vs 5x3 layout for the coasters.

But not sure what you are doing–is the blue line the cut, and red a score line? And are you adding etching? It would be easier to add the etchings within the marks and do all in one step. Then you just need to change sheets of material, which if using the full sheet, is easy enough to position. And if smaller pieces, I’ve used magnets or pins to mark the edge of the material to place the next sheet–works great if doing multiples without changing anything in the GFUI.

Are you trying to print 3.5 inch coasters by any chance? I don’t think you need Snapmarks for this job, you just need a good cut file.

I am guessing that you managed to export something but haven’t actually figured out how to export the right size SVG from AD since as several others noted your design is much too big. It looks like it exported at 96 DPI instead of 72 DPI, but again, that is just a guess. I have the same problem. I only export PDF out of AD because I can’t SVG exports to work right.

Here is your file reworked. The coasters are a not quite perfect as they are
3.684 wide by 3.652 inches tall. The document is 19.5 x 11 and fits perfectly (as in barely) for the GF to do cuts and scores. If that is what you want then drop this in the GFUI and start creating. Make sure to set your cuts and scores properly.

15 coasters.pdf (6.9 KB)
15 coasters.zip (38.1 KB) <- The Affinity Designer file for above

If you want to share your Affinity Designer file several of us can take a look at it and help you. I won’t have to guess like I did.


So I don’t have snap marks, but i’ve been soaking up the info - so take this for what it is, free advice!

in the void to the lower left of your top left coaster put your snap-mark. On the right of the last coaster on the top row, do the same. Mask your surface, and score - full speed / power 5. If one is not completely on the board where you think it should be, nudge the file in the GFUI in the appropriate directions. try again.

You can also just mask the material, score the cutlines low power - see where they land - then, as above, nudge the file in the necessary direction in the GFUI. This is what I do - without snapmarks…

Brian coaster wedding-4.pdf (41.2 KB)

Here is the Pdf. So i can add the snapmarks and score those and then it should print aligned correct?

Try this

Brian Coasters.zip (721.0 KB) <- has an SVG file

Brian coaster wedding-4.pdf (1.8 MB)

The problem was that you had a lot of clipping groups and the GFUI doesn’t like those. I brought the file into Adobe Illustrator. I’ll look at it in Affinity Designer later.

See if this helps you (you’ll have to bump the images up a couple of times with the arrow keys to get the bottom row.


Can I ask what you did to clean it up? It took an hour off the estimated print time.

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I made sure all the red and blue were the same color red and blue so that it would only plan the cuts /scores once.
I dumped the extraneous clipping paths that the GFUI doesn’t like and weren’t needed anyway with the graphic you had. One thing to make it faster still would be to make the 15 bitmaps into a single bitmap.
Your file only had the couple of things mentioned that I changed. Nothing major or magic. Ignoring the clip paths should have worked and the minor tweaks I made only saved time for planning and cutting. I’ve ignored the warnings your file had lots of times with no ill effect.