I need Help!

So I just received my machine about 3-4 days ago. and I’m having the most difficult time, im not sure if its the adobe I just purchased as well that I don’t know how to use either. or this new apple laptop that im starting to get use to. anyways im trying to create a sign for my daughter. simple right ? i thought so too.

I want her name to be in the middle of the circle without it cutting off or the whole circle bein there.

if someone can break it down for me I will be greatly appreciated since im already beon frustrated.

new Glowforge user

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Is this what you mean?
I have Affinity Designer, not Adobe.
Create a circle. Change to Curve to get nodes. Break the circle at the sides and move the ends away from each other. Fix the arcs back to the proper shape. It might just be easier to draw a couple of arcs… or maybe two circles and delete half of each… hmmmm
Use the text tool to write the name.
Align horizontally and vertically (do this before you break the circle or you have to move it by hand)

How much experience do you have with design software (I assume Illustrator as you mention Adobe)?

You need to learn how to use that first.

Taking a guess at what you are trying to do, however, you could probably do it in the Glowforge user interface using the shapes, text and outline functions.

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So my advice for you is not very fun. What will help you the most is stepping back a bit and starting a bit smaller, getting used to things before you take on your first “fun” project, like a sign.

Here’s how I’d recommend getting started:

Now, ok, that’s not fun, nobody wants to read. You want to make your sign.

If you upload what you’re working on we can be of much more direct help, I’m sure we could get you cutting in short order, and then you can take the time to go through all the posts about the basics when you have time.


I think you are 100% right. im going to focus on one thing at a time.
first getting to know the glowforge.

I wanted to create something like this for my daughters their names are Nayleen & Naylani. I was aiming kinda far there huh?

Screen Shot 2020-06-22 at 6.05.18 PM

Not really, but you need some basic skills in the design app to create it. Also knowledge of script fonts.

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Yeah like eflyguy says, if you know what font you use, and you are totally dialed in, this is a 20-30 minute design project, including all revisions and whatnot.

I’m not an AI person, so I can’t give you the step by step, but the process is roughly the same regardless of what program you’re using. You make the hexagon, you make the text, and then you join all the shapes together. The rest of your time will be spend fiddling with the size and exact alignment, and that’ll take as much time as you want to spend tweaking it, you know?

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got it.
I appreciate your help

Yes, with everything new to you that’s the price to be paid. I speak from experience because I was in the same position. I can also tell you that the learning curve for the fundamentals flattens quickly. The more time you spend with your design software the quicker it will go and the better you get at more complicated design.

As you have seen the community is eager to help, especially those who are ready to apply themselves. The search function of the forum, the magnifying glass at the upper right next to your avatar is a really good tool to access the wealth of knowledge here that has been gathered over the years.
Also, the tips and tricks category. there is a table of contents Here you can explore.
Beyond that, there is always YouTube that is full of how-to’s for specific operations for whatever design software you are using.

There are some wizards here for help, you just met a few - so if there is an issue with your file that you need help with, this is the place!

You are embarking on a great journey of exploration, Relax, and enjoy the adventure!


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