I need motivation


Gaaaahhhhh…Sitting here staring at half a dozen partially completed designs, and I’m having trouble getting motivated to finish them…too many interruptions, too many thoughts jumping around my poor brain pan like crickets on speed.

So what are your best tricks to relax and focus?
(I’m open to suggestions that preferably do not involve alcohol, since that just makes me sleepy.)

Anybody got any great techniques that they swear by?:slight_smile:


10 minutes of exercising and some upbeat music does it for me!


Excellent suggestion, but just finished 35 to the Andrews Sisters doing “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy”.

Not enough. Still got the blahs. Maybe i need a few more at that.


also, make sure you are keeping up on hydration and electrolytes. it’s a common source of fatigue and brain fog.


Uh, yeah…now that might help…I’m short on water intake. Going to remedy that right now. Thanks!:smirk:


first you need to relax to stop all the thinking then you need energy to start again the work until you finish… so my idea is



Find some other project that these designs can be a break from?


Yes and yes. Both good suggestions. :smile:


Think about cool weather Friday morning!!!


Think about cool weather Friday morning!!!

Amen to that! Our A/C downstairs has been out for a couple weeks (we’re planning to replace it soon so trying to hold out until after Christmas.) How cool is it gonna get?


That’s never fun.

Low 60’s, upper 50’s for a few days.


Something physical, non-creative. Do you have access to a motorcycle? That always helps me.


Can’t do a cycle - too dangerous in the traffic around here. (Might have to dig out the skateboard.)

If i break my neck, i will not be happy. (Chuckle!)


but really what I do as @hansena says, put some upbeat music (without lyric) at max volume this will keep you awake and with energy and wont let you think in anything else.

And also as @hansena told you, and maybe some think this is just for water bottle commercials :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:, but drinking water helps a lot because we are sometimes really just dehydrated.:slight_smile:


I was literally typing up a similar post earlier today. I have a lot of things that I would like to design, but am having trouble coming up with interesting/creative takes on them as opposed to copying something from Google Images!


Pen and paper helps me. Concept, concept, concept, refine, refine, refine.

Just loose and fast gets the ideas rolling. Give yourself 5 mins to illustrate any and every concept that comes to mind.


Okay, here’s what the problem is: you are having trouble focusing because you don’t have what you need in hand to make the design a reality. So my suggestion is, choose one of your partially completed designs and take it to completion with the goal of making the item by some other non-Glowforge method. Like making one of your box designs out of cardboard (or, better, foamboard). You’ll have to use primitive tools like rulers and razor blades, but taking the project to completion will give you a feeling of accomplishment; and you might learn things that will translate to when you have the laser.

Just my take on it–good luck!


10-15 mins of quiet meditation is always nice


Excellent suggestions! (Might just break out the clay and make some teeny-weeny prototypes tomorrow.)


I do meditate that way sometimes, but it’s a bit harder to do when I’m alone at night, and hubs is out of town. (I hear every creak in the house.)