I need to enhance designs engraved into anodized aluminum

I am experimenting with materials for a design. I etched on silver anodized aluminum. There is not enough of a contrast. Has anyone used paint on the anodized aluminum? If so, what type and Does the paint last with wear and tear. Any other ideas to increase contrast are welcome.

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I’ve done lots of stuff on anodized aluminum but always with colored pieces…which show an amazing contrast. What types of pieces are you using…and are you adverse to using colored pieces?

Try engraving on colored anodized aluminum. The silver, as you noted, does not provide contrast. There are lots of sources for colored anodized aluminum in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

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Thanks. I could not tell if the inside was a different color or not, so now I know.

Ruth Egnater

This would be a good use for Cermark or similar. Instead of bleaching the anodize (which would also happen, so test) you deposit a material on top of the anodize too. I’ve been playing with two-tone design on some dog tags, putting an image into the anodize and then engraving words using the Cermark on top.

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so you r spraying first , then engraving? so the color shows up where you engrave? Black cermark in the backround and the aluminum color in the engrave? have you ever engraved and then applied the cermark . The only way I can see this work is to mask the aluminum first. Have you tried the aluminum with tape over it?

Here is an example of engraving on colored anodized aluminum. The engraving removes the color and leaves the “silver” aluminum.

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fantastic, thanks


But I’ve experimented with both.

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