I need to sell my Glowforge Pro (South East Illinois near St. Louis)

Hi, I need to sell my Glowforge Pro. It works great and I love it, I just do not have the to give it what it needs. I have used it sporadically always hoping I would find time now. but it just is not working out for me. I have all the original packaging and some proof grade materials that both came with it and that I have purchased since. I prefer a local pick-up as myself and my husband are both disabled. I am asking $4,500. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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Hi Christine;

Sorry it’s not working out for you. In case you’re not aware, this forum is open to the public, so you probably don’t want to have your email address as it will likely get copied by spammers. Instead people can send you messages here, and in your settings you can tell it to email you anytime someone messages you.

Good luck!



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