I ordered on Dec ! With the preorder.... Am from UAE .... When you think I will receive mine?


Am so excited to receive my order but till now I don’t know when I will receive it … I ordered on Dec …with the preorder… Can you please till me when i will get it or at least the nearest date that I can have mine in !!!

Am really soo exited…I hope to receive it soon


As you ordered after the original “preorder campaign”(eded Oct 25) yours will ship some point after the first batch of glowforges. The first batch is aimed for June, yours will be sometime later than that, they are aiming by the end of this year.


Hi brother…

Plz tell me when i the shipping will start for our group it was on December with the preorder… can i know when they plan to start shipping for us !!! There is a lot of updates and am not fluent in English so i want to have direct answer !!! Which months they will start and in which year !!!


At the top of every page is this:

@dan has stated that over seas/non-US shipping will occur during that time frame, but not necessarily in the first part of the shipping dates.


My friend I wish I were as fluent in Arabic as you are in English! Salam alaikum. :sunglasses:


This is way off topic, but will be very short…are my eyes deceiving me, or didn’t you change some letters in your user name to caps?




Dan was kind enough to help me clarify the intent of my handle :sunglasses:
Printolaser to PrintToLaser


so not the retro Print-O-Laser ?


Exactly. Never saw it that way until it was mentioned here, then that’s all I could see :unamused:
This is the spirit in which it was meant :+1::sunglasses:


I think my Dad used to drive a Printo. :wink:


Awww shucks! I liked printo - laser! It had character! :wink:


I thought it was a take-off of the old Lone Ranger stuff along the lines of Tonto Laser ---- he who plays with light became Printo Laser or he who prints with light :smile:


Too close to Bass-O-Matic for my taste :grimacing: and too easily seen as pun toward ‘3D Laser Printer’ which was the furthest thing from my mind. :wink:

Inspired by a print dialogue box I saw years ago that listed all installed printers, and the last option was Print to Laser.
I thought how I would love to print to a laser!!


Oh, man – that’s how I saw it from day one. :laughing: Could have been Print O’Laser, too…

Otoh, nobody gets my username, so who am I to talk…


Care to elaborate?



Me too.