I put spam in the glowforge... freaking laser beams part 3



Very cute video series!
(Please be careful lasering non-organic things though, you’re expecting a baby. That includes SPAM.) :wink:


Um, spam is organic (in the chemical sense, not farming sense)


Isn’t Spam to the meat family same as non-alcoholic beer is to beer?

I do like it fried to darkness on the edge though.
Baloney, hot dogs, Spam (and other near-meat family members), cook them until they start to blacken and curl.


probably more like the milwaukee’s best light of the beer family.


No, even the worst Milwaukees best light is technically still classified as beer by the FDA…


Dunno…that’s a matter of interpretation. :smile::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


and spam is still technically meat.

doesn’t mean either of them is good meat or good beer.


Tell that to Hawaii! :smile:


a beautiful state with occasional questionable food tastes.


My grandma is Filipino, and when I was growing up she would make spam fried rice. I moved away and didn’t eat very much spam, but since moving to Hawaii, I am obsessed with it! Same goes for rice; there are very few snacks as satisfying as a spam musubi haha


So are now all new :glowforge: machines being shipped with the sticker:



OMG! you have just gotten my spam masubi loving son excited about the GF


Much of the iconic spam metaphors get started here imagine a universe where Monty Python lampooned Vienna sausages instead.


YESSSS!!! I love being a trend setter!


We have spam,spam and spam.