I remade the Map from Breath of the Wild in Maple and Walnut

Hey Guys,
Been a minute since I have posted. Our last build was concrete based and had nothing to do with my Glowforge so I couldn’t share it with all of you!

I am here today to show you our insane Breath of the Wild map. It was so nice to return to the laser for a project and I am so happy with how it came out!

I have been working on this build since I got my Glowforge in February. The file has been nothing but trouble but I FINALLY nailed it.

As always, we have a video:

Check it out if you would like.

In total, the build took me about 8 hours of total laser time and 4 days of painting.

Follow along as we make more crazy stuff!
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Nicole C
When Geeks Craft


Insane is right! And right up there with your previous projects in terms of design, execution, and originality!


thank you @cynd11! means a lot!

Wow, wow, wow! Nicole this is just gorgeous. Really enjoyed watching your paint work!

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Thank you @ptodd. It took an annoying amount of time but turned out amazing

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That’s what the Everything Else category is for.

You do amazing work and we don’t mind seeing it all.


thats really sweet. we are working on a giant Chillrend sword from Skyrim made out of resin right now. i may have to post that there :slight_smile:

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