"I Survived 2020" Finisher's medal (acrylic) snowflake ornament

Everybody deserves a finisher’s medal for the COVID marathon this year.

Done on thin acrylic.

  1. I cut the snowflake and ribbon hole first
  2. Then carefully removed the cutout fro the GF without disturbing the main acrylic sheet
  3. Removed the top paper (I know it fogs the acrylic a little, but it takes so much less time to remove the paper before all the virus designs are scored)
  4. Placed the snowflake cutout back in the GF making sure to align it in it’s cutout shell the best I could
  5. Scored the virus designs and lettering in draft quality
  6. Add the ribbon

My 4th sibling (of 10 + 4 in-laws) just let us know that she has COVID (she’s an ICU nurse, so it wasn’t completely unexpected). Tough year for everyone. Hope this makes at least one person’s holiday more enjoyable :slight_smile: .

Enjoy the design:

Rona-Survived-Optimized.svg.zip (43.9 KB)


I think doing the virus pattern in the background and then cutting out the snowflake looks awesome! Very nice!


I guess I’m not sure how this forum treats .svg files. I tried attaching it to the original post. Any tips for how to attach it?

Welcome to the forum.
I agree that all of us lucky enough to complete 2020 deserve a snowflake medal. Nicely done.

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Nice design!
I wanted to move your post to the Free Design section as you are sharing a file. For some reason it wouldn’t let me because of the tags used. Would you rather it stays where it is; or can we try deleting some of the tags and move it to Free Designs?

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Go ahead and adjust the tags and move it where you’d like.

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Thanks so much, and best of luck to your sister!

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You are right! If you are still standing and your marriage and sanity are intact, a medal is earned.
Thank you for sharing your work! :sunglasses:


Great idea!

This is an ornament I would actually like to see again, once 2021’s Christmas comes back around! Thank you for sharing it, and your method of masking/removal :heart_eyes_cat:

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