I tamed the warp! (Springs and cotter pins to the rescue)


**Don’t be silly when using springs under tension in your GF. Fair warning if you try it and something goes wrong.

Magnets weren’t keeping a piece of warped wood down so springs and cotter pins to the rescue. The pins fit nice and snug and the spring really does the trick flattening things out. The long spring needs to be about 1" -2" longer to be perfect and I’m going to see if one size up in pins might be better. I like the low profile of it though and seems to work well so far. The success I had with limited supplies has inspired me to get a few more pins and springs and perfect it.


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What a great idea.
I used neodymium magnets to tame my warp. You can get them right in the middle of the sheet too.


I use magnets as well, but couldn’t tame the very corner of this piece. (I had inadvertently placed a stack of wood at the corner and put a weird warp in it.) I do love the magnets though and use them for aligning things too.


Welcome back, pins!


Really clever. I haven’t had a problem with the neodymium magnets yet but I’m filing this one away in the tips & tricks drawer for when it’s needed.