I think all the optics are the wrong way round

Just watching all the draftboard smoke being pulled past the optics on the head and the periscope under the left hand side I can’t help thinking the optics are on the wrong side.

If they were facing the other way hardly any smoke would be pulled past them.

I have a basic, maybe on the other models there isn’t room. Maybe there’s some quirky reason for it being this way round, but it seems wrong.


I just looked, I think you’d be fine. Looks like the power supply is low enough.

yeah that makes sense, or if the fan port were on the other side of the unit, pulling to the right. But it cuts well so probably doesn’t matter. Though perhaps it keeps it cleaner without air being pulled across the lens with the body shielding it to some degree from all the particulates.

I am sure there are many things they would change with several years of hindsight.


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