I think I found my Glowforge table

Good stuff, used to be called “FlashTac” here more aluminium foil, less butyl but works well sealing the weather out or reducing NVH.

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Completely utilitarian, I noticed this at the local Princess Auto…
At $45 CAD, I’m not sure I could complain…


make sure it doesnt wobble! everything has a natural frequency. dont want a mini tacoma narrows happening with your table lol


Holds 220lbs…that fits the bill. Nice. - Rich

Bahahaha… yeah, no kidding. :slight_smile: I was thinking after posting it, “why does the left leg only have cross-beam support?” Might need some extra help… but it’s almost the exact footprint (give a few inches) of the GF itself.

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Don’t forget that gantry movement may induce wobble in the table if it is not rigid enough.

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10 minutes with a welder and a grinder and it will never wobble again. Or fold.


Absolutely. Being able to stick steel together is awesome.
I would never part with my MIG.


… or I with my TIG, good for aluminium too.


Finally found my Glowforge work bench over the weekend…going to try it with the wheels first and remove them if they appear to be causing problems.

Now all I need is my forge! :slight_smile:



Looks like only two of the casters are locking. I do wonder if the other two will cause wobble during forges.

You could probably put the locking casters on opposite corners vs both on the same aide. Should make it more stable.
I really like this table/workbench…Costco had it for 100 bucks off a few weeks ago, but my workshop won’t be ready till mid year (if all works out as planned) and not enough storage space right now…

Yeah, I was thinking opposite corners…if it doesn’t work out, off they go! Pretty sure it will be very stable at that point :slight_smile:

Picked it up at Costco over the weekend for $299. They were selling pretty fast. I saw four go before I grabbed mine. My workspace isn’t ready just yet, but I found somewhere to store it in the meantime!



Sure. Or just replace the other two casters. That is, of course, if you want the thing to be portable. Otherwise just remove all of the casters and possible replace with feet.

This is the table I am using. I have had zero issue with any kind of wobble… but mine is on carpet and not a hard floor.


My favourite so far!


Wife got this for me for Christmas. It’s in the garage straight on top of the concrete. If there is one thing overbuilt on this unit, it’s the casters. I haven’t had any problems with them. Any wobble can be adjusted as they thread into the legs and can be locked into place with the supplied nut.

I did cut a piece of mdf to fit over the lower shelf since my tool boxes would catch on the metal mesh.


Really nice table. I’m jealous that I spent money and got a table set up just before the last delay. Otherwise I’d be all over this.

Depending on height, both yours and the table’s, taking the casters off might not be a bad thing. The Glowforge (especially if you have a filter) will add quite a bit of height. A lower overall height could it make it more comfortable to watch cutting and access the workspace.


It is a teensy bit tall.