I thought you all were faking the excitement

When the boxes started to arrive from smallish to large to larger, I was excited. And setting it up was truly fun and didn’t stop including drilling a hole in 4" solid brick for a dryer vent. But nothing compared to when I finally powered it up, watched it come alive, the laser liquid bubble over. Then when connected it, sent a custom SVG, maple plywood with an StarWars ATAT Walker (foot only it just fn worked perfectly. I may have wet myself. not sure. Here’s a vid.

GlowForge Setup and 1st Cut Video



ROFL! Congrats! :smile:
(And great vid!)


Hey, you did a great job setting up. Get that base level and solid, it will help in the long run for alignments. Love your energy.


Great video! The smoking drill and coffee shot :grin:


That was fun to watch! By the end I noticed that I was grinning empathetically.


Your post made me laugh … so, had to watch the video! Great energy and humor!

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Great video.

My only suggestion would be to load projects from the home page of app.glowforge.com. I noticed when you were printing the feet out, that it said you were printing the gift of good measure. :wink:

You can reset that design by clicking the ellipsis option on the top menu and select Reset Design.

One handy little trick you should be able to do (I don’t do it this way, but it should work), is if you wanted to print just the feet like you were doing, go into illustrator and select all of those components, copy and then paste them directly onto the home screen of the app. That way you don’t have to separate large, multi component files into separate files for uploading. :slight_smile:


Wow, great suggestions, thnx for advice.

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Yes I noticed that. I can understand it getting the name wrong if the GOGM was loaded, deleted and the feet added but why would it get the material wrong. I.e. on the left it said it was thick maple plywood but the countdown said medium draft board.

thnx @ptodd

it worked.SO i have to go slowly and check again.

ok thanks

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Thanks Man. Truly enjoying her.

Thanx Paul K

I did NOT know what I was doing. lol.

You’re braver than most of us! I wouldn’t have made a video of me using it for the first time :slight_smile: