I thought you might like to see my maps


I’ve been sharing these on Instagram and twitter but I thought you all might like to see them here too. Hope you like! I’m super proud of them.

Done London and NYC in this style!

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Those are stunning!


Yeah, I saw those on Twitter, they’re beautiful! :grinning:


Sort of like those laser cutter fractals, with human street layout. London is amazing.


Really nice work. Draftboard? Painted?


Beautiful work! Love how you created a layered piece.


Great work, been trying to get some maps going and this confirms how great they can be. Thanks!


The layers are awesome.

The weeding looks like it would be tedious (and easy to lose a street or two).


really like the wave pattern in the river for london.


I love those fractals. I’m actually working on a design that takes a street layout and rotates it a degree every layer to get a similar effect. Will see how it works out!


Thanks. That was a because all I had was draftboard and when I first put it together there wasn’t much contrast. Think it worked well!


It is a pain although I’ve not lost a street yet. I step my cut speed down a notch to really blast away the material. Seems to help alot. 90% of the bits pop out with a couple knocks on the sink


The London one is all draftboard the NYC one is 2 layers draftboard and 2 layers birch plywood to get a little contrast going. No painting just glued.


Unbelievable! These are so sharp!


Beautiful maps love your layered style!


Is that 3 layers I see? 1st is water, second land and 3rd is the map?

I have got to get my stuff together and create something cool.


Yes, saw them on Twitter and am happy to see them again, they are so good!


Those are really fantastic!


Absolutely awesome! Glad you posted here to!


Wow. I can almost see my old apartment from here.