I wanted new decor for my at work from home office

I also wanted to try and ombre the color… and might I say, it is a pain in the behind trying to outline letters while a toddler is running around and bumping into the table you’re working on.

Image blurred for a swear word :slight_smile:


Fun color work. What did you use?

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Modern Masters - Satin Finish (found on Amazon) . I used makeup sponges to apply the paint to get the transition.
My camera didn’t catch the Teal (top color) like it actually looks like IRL.


Wish I had the hair for a bun, but other than that good mantra for me!


That’s fun stuff. I’ve got the copper and the iron, and you can do genuine patina (with vinegar and hydrochloride acid, respectively) on them.


Love the color scheme!


Took me a while. My Spanish took over and was wondering what “put your harina bun” meant. Then it dawned on me. Ha.

Some day I am going to start making stuff again like this.


Great work! Love the colors. First the toddler runs around then they make stuff with you!


Oh our toddler LOVES making stuff on the GF!

Toddler GF Ideas

It is amazing to see what he can come up with. Most of the time, he wants to make something for someone else.


Cute! Loved your other items, too!

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In all the discussions about Premium and the art files provided, looking at your son’s art makes me aware of different perspectives.

Some questioned the utility and said that people just need to learn how to do this stuff. Then we see a totally different context and realize that the text and the graphics would make it so easy for young makers.

I got a text from my grand nephew who can’t wait for the pandemic to be over so he can come over and use my laser and make cool things.


Those are his way of making greeting cards :slight_smile:

We sit down and he tells me all of the things Dad has liked in the past year and we put them in picture form.

Sometimes we leave masking on and he paints the engravings.

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Looks good

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