I wasn’t prepared for this

Good news: i receive the Glowforge yesterday in perfect conditions.

Bad news: the table i had prepared for it is to high for my liking and a bit wobbly.
I’ve had modified a rolling tool chest with a top platform that I made but is too tall. And one of the casters makes it uneven.

Now I’m on the hunt for the perfect table. I’ll dive in the forums to see what seems to be the preferred choice. I can’t wait to start burning things.


Don’t wait! I bet your floor is totally flat and stable! :slight_smile:


Good idea!!! I’ll go to harbor freight tomorrow for a longer exhaust tube. This also gives me another idea.


What do you think ?


Unless those are locking casters, I wouldn’t recommend it. You don’t want wobble.

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If low is what you want, this has been working well for me:

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Those plastic storage shelves are pretty ugly but they are strong flat and about the right size that two shelves and feet would be a sturdy platform. They have the additional consideration that I have a number of them about.

As for the ugly part I was thinking that some nice carved doors across the front and sides would be an early project to put to it.

When I first moved in two of them, one at each end of a bed frame with air mattress managed for a couple weeks til I was able to put the real bed frame together. So I know they are stable and strong.

Build one! There are a TON of great table options folks on the boards have tried, but why not make one custom for your needs? Mine is on an old reliable Ikea table I bought 24 years ago, but my plan is to make a custom one over the next month. Places for the UPS, equipment (magnets etc), and board stock. I’ll post when I get there. good luck!

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Since you’re going to HF, look at this while you are there. It’s what I’m using currently.


Hit up your local used office furniture place and you can likely score an Anthro cart for a reasonable price. I’m using, fittingly, a Anthro printer stand. It has heavy duty locking casters and a shelf below the very flat, perfectly sized, top surface.


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Is this HF workbench deep (wide) enough for the GF? It seems it is just under the width of the GF.

I used a welding cart from HF, and added a butcher-block top (GF won’t quite fit otherwise because of the lip). Plenty stable with one of the two casters locked, and a perfect height for me. Might be a bit tall once the filter arrives.

12x20 material does not fit. A box of 12x12 bb ply fits great into the bottom left spot.

I didn’t mount the gas-tank brackets on the left, as I planned to make shelves for that spot. I have since realized that it is a great place to store the honeycomb tray safely when I’m not using it, so the shelf idea may be tossed out


Wow those are nice! thx for the info.

yeah I’ve seen it at the website. I’m going to check it out today.


I love this idea… $300 tho.

but if you think that it will have expensive equipment on top it might be just worth it. I’ll sleep on it.


Yeah, it’s not the cheapest option out there, but it was the shortest size-appropriate steel tool-cabinet that I could find locally, and I am quite happy with it. If @tom 's custom table had been available at the time, I would have given it serious consideration, but it wasn’t out yet when I needed it.

The 25%-off coupon that arrives in my weekly junk mail is not “supposed” to be valid for Vulcan-branded HF products… but sometimes, if you are friendly, the cashiers will still push it through! :grin:

If you do happen to get the welding cart, I just remembered the single biggest issue I had with assembling it: there was a floating divider tray taped into the top left drawer, which had jostled loose, become jammed, and blocked the drawer from opening. I had to use a magnetic extension-wand thingy and a thin steel ruler to unjam it and get the drawer open. The divider went into the scrap pile. The drawers fit the small (5"x10") proofgrade material very nicely.

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It’s a perfect fit… have a look…


I use this as well. The GF is a little deeper than the table, but the feet on the GF sit perfectly on the table. It is VERY sturdy.

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at $159 it seems like my final choise. I will check them out in person in a couple of hours.

The welding cart that @jbv suggests is also blinking at me.


I have one of these HF workbenches in my garage. But because of the temperature restrictions, I will need to put my GF in the house. This is an interesting option on what to put it on. I bought one of those heavy duty carts from Costco a year ago to use for the GF, but that is too big and heavy to move into the house and upstairs. The newer version of the Costco cart which was recently on sale for $199 is only 19" deep, and that is probably not big enough.

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I can’t comment about the HF bench in your garage, but mine is very well finished and looks very good as a piece of interior furniture. I have tile flooring, and I put some felt disks on the feet of the bench to avoid scratching the the floor and to facilitate moving the bench from the wall for periodic cleaning of the air vent.