I went for it and did my MacBook Air and iPhone X

Got my Glowforge about a week ago and used it so much that I have already gone through the detailed cleaning process. (Nailed it) So I decided to do exactly what I bought this machine for and hit up my MacBook and iPhone X. I haven’t seen anyone do an X yet and not too much on the MacBooks. It didn’t do very well on the bottom part of the mandala where the surface curves it really disappointed me but I am sure it was something I did wrong being how I’m so new to this. Anyways. Enjoy! Also please follow my instagram account that I made for my shenanigans


Also the iPhone X Came out really well the slight blur is the reflection bouncing off itself. Its a trip if you rotate your phone around.


Those two turned out great. I predict there will be many of your friends that will ask you to personalize their devices once they see yours.

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They turned out great :slight_smile: I haven’t been brave enough to take the plunge and engrave my ipad yet

It looks great!! What settings did you use for the iPhone X? Want to try this on my x :grin:

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I used the Clear acrylic settings and just did an HD Graphic. Do NOT engrave. LOL

Oh most definitely that happened almost immediately LOL!


For this one I just used the iPhone 7 settings. Love it


I find it so hard to choose a design, its like picking out a tattoo, which is why i also have no tattoos :slight_smile:


I’m covered in tattoos haha so that makes sense. Of course I have cases for the iPad and iPhone X so even if I messed up it was worth the try IMO.


Thats a good point about the case i should just do it i think

You’re gonna be totally fine. My next idea is to create templates (or find them on the internet) that I can actually put an image on the entire backing without touching the camera or apple logo. Easier said than done for me as Im just learning.

I’ve zotzed a few of the older style aluminum trackpads (the ones with glass surfaces) and found that engraving makes the glass extremely fragile.


They all look good! Fun times!

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