I will pay money if someone will help me. How to make a rubber stamp

Folks, I have been at this for weeks. I am at the end of my rope and I feel like jumping off the cliff.

I need a step-by-step instruction guide how to take a SVG And turn it into a file so I can cut it out to make a rubber stamp.

For example a little dog paw

I have tried it 30 or 40 different ways and I do not know what I am doing wrong.

If someone knows how to do this using Affinity Designer for the iPad that would be fantastic.

I also have Inkscape on my MacBook Pro I have only worked one time with the software.

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I would be happy to help you do that although not knowledgeable in Affinity Designer (which I only have on an iPad) nor Inkscape. I’m an Illustrator person. If you don’t get any takers I could take a whack at it.


Post your image and I’ll see what I can do on AD on iPad.


I realize this isn’t for AD, but may help.


Is this something that would help?
Dog print


So inking one of your own dog’s paws won’t work? Just kidding. Please don’t jump off the cliff. There are folks here to help. I don’t have Affinity Designer, but what about one of the free images in the interface? @cynd11 has a really great thread, and she will help you. Win win.


I am sure all this can be done in AD but I did it in Inkscape in 2 minutes…

Draw a black square roughly the size of the stamp. Import/paste the paw image you want. Trace the bitmap. Drag the traced path over the square, and change the paw fill to white.

Select the white paw and the square, and do “Path/Difference”.

Done. Vector engrave file:

( is the SVG)


With a glow if you’re feeling fancy.

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@cynd11 @pubultrastar @beerfaced @dklgood @eflyguy @evansd2

Thank you my sweets!! I love each and everyone of you.

I have NEVER EVER had a difficult time learning different softwares but for whatever reason I am quite challenged by this software.

For the last two months I have been teaching myself Affinity Designer—— I literally have 40 pages of notes on Affinity Designer for the iPad!!!

In life sometimes things are easy and sometimes things are difficult.
Maybe I have early dementia.


Using this post as a reminder, I finally created my first stamp. Thanks for the motivation!


When you forget to flip your image, see pubultrastar’s correct technique above, you’ll really feel like you have dementia.

Of course it doesn’t matter for a symmetrical image like a paw print.


My Glowforge community boyfriend @eflyguy texted with me as I designed my first stamp.

Now I have to figure out how to do it in Affinity Designer for the iPad.

How’s the resolution of the QR code? Does it work?


It worked! I didn’t get good ink on my stamp as the pad wasn’t wide enough. I ordered a wider one. I think I’ll get better coverage of ink and a better and more consistent stamp when I get that, but it worked!


Very cool. QR is a very forgiving code but I’m still amazed at some implementations. I would not have bet this would stand up to inking. Add another thing to the toolbelt :slight_smile:

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Here they are— done with Inkscape and my ink is drying up.


I still have a few blocks of linoleum that I have been afraid to use. I read heard horror stories about the mess.

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