I woke up with VISIONS OF GLOWFORGE on the brain

Forget the visions of sugar plums…so happy to have seen the last update…MAYBE I might be able to use the machine on a few Christmas gifts…
There are 27 days or 648 hours until Christmas.
Woot woot


Sometimes I wakeup and the first thing I think of is GF. “It’s just a machine.” I tell myself, “It’s just a machine, but I want it.” No, No, No…- Rich


Just get started early on baking the Christmas cookies…pop them in the freezer to have on hand for later.

(Doing a cake style gingerbread this morning…of course it will not survive until the holidays, but those are the breaks.) :smile:


These last few days I’ve been bombarded with so many instances of projects that would be so easy with my glowforge…I just keep telling myself how awesome next year will be! :joy:


so glad I’m not alone in this GF hysteria! I think my husband thinks I’m a bit nuts for spending so much time writing up designs in Inkscape! but I’ve got only 4 months or so before delivery :anguished:

I actually signed up for a silent meditation retreat at the end of next March/early April, and I had to think long and hard about the timing of it. On retreat, we really are supposed to just watch thoughts come and go and not write anything down (and practice not getting caught up in the thoughts, no matter how interesting they are). If I’ve got a shiny new GF waiting for me at home, it will be the greatest challenge I’ve ever faced on retreat! I’ve got only 4 months or so to cool my jets and write out all those designs!


My mindfulness practice has sadly been severely lacking since I have been doing this forum so much. I take my days off in the country and have no connectivity so I really try to get back into the flow.


I’ll settle for Nerdvana :relieved:


It was crazy last night for me. Got a call later in the evening and then spent the night waiting for follow up emails. Tossed and turned and faded in an out dreaming of the Glowforge. I kept waking up and looking at my phone and double checking the older emails just to make sure I wasn’t dreaming and I actually did get contacted. The best dream was getting a shipment of glass blocks with a Glowforge :glowforge: etched on it. I was going to make some cool patio lights out of them.


I’m really looking forward to seeing what you make with it once it arrives. May the Glowforge Be With You - Always.


You got contacted about your machine?

Pre-release not a production unit. It’s on loan so I can bang on it a bit.

Forgive me but what is wiki

Like Wikipedia: a method of allowing group editing of a document. The original poster of a topic can turn the original post into a wiki at the top of a topic and anyone can add to it or edit it. There is a little edit icon on top right of that post in that topic.


The Forge is strong with this one. --DV


Hey, maybe that dream was a vision of your future: if you can find glass blocks less than 2 inches thick, that might be a viable project!


Believe it or not, it’s Hawaiian for fast; quick.

The original application was called WikiWikiWeb, developed in 1995, as a collaborative online editing tool.

Developers in the 90s had a way with names. :slight_smile:


Well I’m glad some people get to try out a glowforge. Maybe I might get my pro by the middle of 2017.

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