I wonder if i did this in march will i have it by my birthday in November?

I wish I did this last year.

Based on the banner post, you will likely have your unit well before your birthday. The haven’t started shipping the pre-orders yet and still believe they can get those all shipped by 6/30, and there are close to 9000 of those to ship, based on the total value and an early breakdown of order types. Assuming the order pace has dropped off since the pre-order phase, it could take as little as a month or two after that to get caught up to current orders.

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Logically anything is possible. Not an optimist or pessimist. But I don’t expect the official date to change until units start to ship or any delay becomes obvious to the community that it is statistically impossible.


My purchase date was 1 Mar 2016. I am hoping that mine will arrive on my birthday at the end of October. :wink:

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Yeah, with numbers like that, I’m beginning to wonder where that threshold is…
I would wager the team has it breathing down their neck.

Then again, I have no idea what scale of manufacturing is involved, but when focus is brought to a task, and production ramps - it won’t take long.
Somewhere, there is a group of people getting ready to flip the switch, if they haven’t already.

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im with you on that

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I am in the same hope boat as well. Though I ordered very early (Sept 25) and I am hoping it makes it in time for my mid June birthday.

OUCH! unfortunately as of today, NO :frowning:

Can you push your birthday back a little?




Gotta love the Perry Bible Fellowship!!

if I go beta will I get it sooner than the original order in march?

No. You would get a beta unit and when glowforge decides the beta is up you have to return it to them. You will then get your production unit as per the regular shipping schedule.

Chances of getting a Beta are like winning the lottery, and you had to pass a test just to play.

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