Ian's 1st Aztec Puzzle



I liked the first pattern, so while I was having dinner I ran up a quick copy.

Couple of things…whatever I tried to do to fix the double lines problem accidentally made it worse, so be careful when you fix double lines. (Even having done it a few hundred times, you can still get busy and forget to check in Outline Mode, and this one had some serious overlays that doubled. Yep…quadruple burn lines. My bad.) :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire:

Despite the mishandling - the puzzle turned out pretty kick-ass in cherry ply PG and black PG acrylic. Totally cool design. (Reminds me a little bit of circuits.) And I love the shiny background peeking through the wood, although it didn’t photograph well.

So…great design @ian. Count this one as a save. :relaxed::+1:

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending May 13th, 2017

Oooh nicely done…




Ooh, nice! :slight_smile:

I realised last night, whilst in the middle of designing another about the multible lines. I think the easiest and quickest way around it on this one would be to move the pieces ot of the frame before cutting, then it would nly cut each piece once. I know this would use up more would. I should have thought of it before as i did a little tutorial on extra line removal in Illustrator last year!

Does it work as a puzzle?


Now there’s a thought, not to cut actual circuits, but a version combining green acrylic with a laserable metallic foil ?
Or better, are there acrylics that are ready metallized ?

Combine it with leds in suitable positions, so that it edge lights up when you’ve done it !


Oooh what a delicious idea…use conductive tape on the pieces to complete the circuit.
Its pretty easy to cut…no need for it to be laserable…just stick it to the back and sides of certain pieces as to create the circuit path…


This design is stunning. Looks like some kind of jewel…with those contrasting colors.


That was already on my inspiration list to do after i finish the one i’m working on now!




I love your interpretation–it looks fantastic in cherry and black acrylic! And I’m lovin’ all these unique puzzle designs!


Yes, very well…I actually assembled it upside down and backwards as I peeled it off the duct tape. :relaxed:

Chuckle…the cherry was another accident. I was going to just do it in black and white acrylic, because I thought I had a sheet of that around here somewhere, but I couldn’t find it last night, so I used the cherry instead.


Looks great!