Ice cream tokens

A friend with an ice cream shop reached out. Logo lettering is far harder to get clear and distinct burns of than standard fonts.


Hmm can you show us the original logo you were working with? We might be able to help you get a better result.


Depends greatly upon the original file. Sounds like you had a low res image to start with. Still looks like a decent result and a fun project!


I paid for the laser twice over by doing double-sided tokens for two restaurants. Over 6,000 of them.
After laboriously weeding the first 200 it became clear there had to be a better way. I pulled the mask off the full sheet first and cleaned the smoke stain off with household ammonia. Saved more than a week of weeding.

@evansd2’s idea of letting the community clean up the artwork will give you a sharp clean file.


Cover with tape and you won’t get the smoke stains.
(Blue or yellow painters tape works well.)

lol… reminds me of a box of coins I made for a member here going thru some troubled times.

No way I could share the design.

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thanks for all the input. Im brand new (I still have my trial period of Premium) so any and all tips and tricks are welcome.

here is the logo I started with. I did a trace image and them burned only the outlines with a score.