Ice/dry ice sculpting?

If I’ve missed a related post, please refer me to it. Can the GF sculpt ice and or dry ice?


Well yes, in theory, it could, but you would be crazy to put anything that was below dew point (condescending) into the GF unit. I am sure that would void the warranty.

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Thanks for the input.

This is a great question in the line of, let’s think of the wildest things to put into our Glowforge and see what happens. The forum needs the don’ts as well as the dos.


And I’ll add another one from the frozen north: hockey pucks. Cheap source of strong material. However, they are vulcanized rubber and with the petroleum additions, it seems they are not suitable for laser use, at least as I have noted from many laser sites prohibiting vulcanized rubber, like this from University of Arts, London. . I did think for a moment that these would be perfect for making stamps. I’ll leave that to CNC tool work. Unless someone has direct knowledge of hockey pucks and lasers.

I’m very sorry to report that we have actually tried lasering dry ice, and not much happened. It might have been that solid CO2 reflects that frequency of IR, or it might not have absorbed well at that wavelength, or something else… it heated the area a bit but the engravings weren’t clearly visible.



No laser kittens. I’ve been cut once and that was so traumatic.