Ice Tray

How’s this for a practical cut :slight_smile:

I love funky shaped ice cubes, but loading things filled with water into the shelves tends to lead to things frozen to the shelf…plus wasted space.

So voila! The shelves pull out and are self supporting to a point. Currently there’s nothing to stop them sliding all the way out, but I might add something removable in the future if accidents happen :slight_smile:

Now all our ice cube trays fit into one shelf, with some spare room to boot!

As always, happy to share the pattern, but you’d have to have a fridge with 15.5x12.75" shelves.*

It occurs to me that due to max width of material the final product is only ~10.65" wide.

Edit to add file
If I end up submitting to the catalog I’ll remove it from here, but for now:

Freezer Shelf_V9

The piece you can see is for testing fit.
Overall this uses ~6 sheets of 1/4" acrylic. You could probably make it with 1/8 with adjusting the slots. To that end, there is a single slot hanging out just off the right of the board that, at in least Inkscape, is a parent so you can adjust it and it will adjust all the linked slots…following (if I remember correctly) @evansd2’s simple way to make a design parametric :slight_smile:


We did - it was the extra fridge in the basement at our old house. When we moved in Oct we sent it to the dump as it was at least 40 years old.

Our old house is in the process of selling so it’s still being heated, etc. although we’re not living in it. I got the electric bill for December today and it was $49. When we were living there it was $200. A big piece of that was the old fridge (the upstairs fridge is still there as we’re including it for the new buyer) and all the lights in the house were LEDs. Without us, the primary changes are fewer lights on (but LEDs so not much impact), no cooking or clothes washing/drying and the old fridge is gone. I’m thinking most of the delta is the old fridge - I know the new ones we put into the new house are supposed to run on <$100 of electric per year. Kicking myself for not replacing that old one years ago.


Yes! Good idea!! I practically love all practical things!

@jamesdhatch That is an eye opener! Goodness!


It wasn’t the only reason, but it made the list, that when we bought this house all of the appliances were brand new. Power consumption on the old stuff is no joke…OTOH the new stuff you frequently have to replace every decade or so.


I love the fun ice cube trays! I should do more practical cuts…


Oh yeah, that’s what it’s all about!


That is a fabulous practical cut! And I can see it for more than just ice cubes. It would be great for different frozen veggies, sauces, etc. Even for putting pies and stuff on to safe space. It could even be used in office or craft rooms. So yes, file please! Submit it to the catalog!


Very nICE!


Got the pun in before I could. :disappointed_relieved:
:ice_cube: :ice_cube: :ice_cube:
With a top freezer, there is only 2"x48" and most is used up with non-ice. What I need is one that makes ice at 1.5 x 1.5 x 6 Inches to fit in water bottle.


Indeed. While that old fridge just kept cranking away, we had 3 new ones die on us over 40 years. The 4th is staying with the house and the new guy will have to wait for it to conk out.

We put new everything in the new house and I was amazed by the energy labels. But we already had an issue with the 5K oven unit. I bought the extended warranty for all of the appliances because I figured all the electronics were just an invitation for something to go wrong. The repair guy who came to fix the oven said that was a good idea because everything should be expected to break every year or two and just the diagnosis call will cost more than the extended warranty.

Back when I was in the insurance industry we made extraordinary money off extended warranty contracts. Claim costs were a tiny fraction of the premiums. I wonder if that’s still true.


I don’t wonder about that


Cool tray project!