Icosahedron Fuller projection globe



The first project of the year is an icosahedron Fuller projection globe with 3D printed corners and Glowforge scored and cut panels.



Kewl! Did you design your corners? :sunglasses::+1:


Yes I did. I wanted to go with a 2 piece threaded solution without glue, but the size was to small for the threads to print. So this version uses a bit of glue. The corners of the panels interlock with the 3D printed corners with a 3D printed cap that’s glued on.


That is really neat! I’d love to see a version where the corners were made on a Glowforge. I suppose they would have to be redesigned, or would stick out, or something.


Perhaps something like this?


Thanks for posting that! Once I saw this thread I started thinking about a way to do this 100% on the GF. My thought was to build a frame that I would glue the map pieces to, but I haven’t had time to fully think through the problem. This might be a better solution in any case.


I was thinking of adding hooks to the back of each face and using dental elastics to provide tension to hold it together when I ran across this one. It might even be possible to trim the tabs and pocket-cut(engrave) the backs to hide the corner supports entirely.


Or maybe get rid of the tabs entirely and replace them with magnets. :thinking: