This is too cool! I love it. Thanks lots for sharing the file!! May the world be filled with Icosahedrons (made on a Glowforge, naturally).


Thanks for the design! I ended up making a “d20 life counter” with it.

It was harder than I imagined to put it together. I was impatient, and just glued everything in about an hour. I really should have made a jig to hold a couple of pieces together, and glued it two pieces at a time. Nonetheless, it worked, and I’m quite happy with it.



That came out really nice!!! I like putting them together while sitting in bed in the evening with a good audiobook. Keeps me from being impatient, because I’m absorbed in the book and don’t mind sitting there waiting for the glue to harden enough to move on.




:rofl: (And yes, always. :heart:)
For those who don’t know, @timjedwards is my baby brother IRL. :slight_smile:


Nice work, that turned out great.


Thanks for the share! Here’s my make, nothing exciting but it was fun to make.

I whipped up a little brother too.

Now I just need a huge dice tower to roll them down! Lol!


Ooh, those are lovely! It really doesn’t take much to dress them up. :slight_smile: And I’m totally stealing your colored outline idea!


Any chance you could share the dodecahedron? I have a project that I’ve been waiting on for exactly just this. /begs


Hi, really like these. I don’t seem to be able to see any file links to any of your posts?


The first post has the file. It’s the pattern looking picture. Try a right-click -> save as.


It’s actually against forum guidelines to request files, but as it happens I’ve already posted one, so you’re in luck. :wink: See Polyhedra Starter Kit. It will be larger than the one in the photos, but you can adjust the size to what you want; just keep the connector holes same size and distance from the edge, and you’re all set.


I never saw that post! Awesome work!


Oh really is it lol. Thanks anyway il try and upload it tomorrow. Really like the design :+1:


hi, just realised its an image file. Thank you very much. :slightly_smiling_face:


Got around to making my own… thanks for the files…still have to figure how to get that last piece connected the right way. I used puduk, oak and zebra wood. Yah geometrics


Yeah, the last one can be challenging! It helps to round off the ends of the connectors a little, and you can also use a hobby knife to take the edges off the holes on the back of the last piece, to help things slide into place a little easier.


Ok here’s my little version. There are 20 sides and I have (or will have by this summer) 19 grandkids. So one for each name and a spot for Grandma and Papa. I put them in random order facing all directions, so they can have fun finding their name.


Love this idea and execution. 19 grandkids…so many blessings!


Worked out perfectly.